Help! I seem to have a UFO!

Can anyone help me? I have discovered a UFO (Unidentified Flowering Object) in a pot outside my greenhouse.

Yesterday I decided to pay attention to my mantra “a tidy greenhouse is a happy greenhouse”, and set about pulling out weeds (including a pak choi plant!) which had started growing in between the slabs and having a general tidy. At the greenhouse door was a variety of pots into which cuttings and seeds had been thrown and left to do their thing.

However, having managed to identify what might actually be a plant and what was definitely a weed, I came across this little fellow.



I quizzed Mr Mac about it but he drew a blank. We have no idea what it is or how it might have got into a pot outside the greenhouse.

It looks like grass but with a beautiful purple flower.

Apologies for the lack of focus. My camera was in a huff for some reason.

Apologies for the lack of focus. My camera was in a huff for some reason.

Mr Mac is convinced it is a rare wild orchid. Can anyone shed any light on what it might be?








7 responses to “Help! I seem to have a UFO!

  1. Tradescantia ‘Red Cloud’ (spiderwort).

  2. It looks like a type of tradescantia andersoniana, I used to garden on chalky soil and they grew like wildfire!

  3. Sheila O'Connor

    I agree. It looks like a Tradescantia (Spiderwort).

  4. It looks like Spiderwort to me. Tradescantia virginiana. Tradescantic andersoniana is a hybrid noted for its yellow foliage. Tradescantia ‘Red Cloud’ is a selection of Tradescantia andersoniana with pink-reddish flowers.

  5. No posts! Everything okay? Alas – I’ve been on a bit of hiatus – but now I am back! 🙂 Hope alls well.

    • Hi Adam how lovely to hear from you. I had checked out your site and noticed not much had been going on. I had my experimental blog last year ( posting photos every week but this might be why not much has been happening on my main blog. I have been hibernating but as it looks as if winter has forgotten us this year it looks like it is time to get going again. More posts will follow shortly!

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