Daily Archives: March 31, 2012

A deal too good to be true?

As an academic I learn by reading and research. I have many gardening books but by far the best resource for me is magazines. They are topical and tell you what you should be doing at that particular time. For a novice like me this is invaluable.

However, it soon became apparent that spending over £20 each month on gardening magazines was not going to be sustainable for the long term. Plus Mr Mac was getting suspicious at the spike in the shopping bill at the end of each month!

One publication I discovered that was easy to read, informative and aimed at my novice level was Amateur Gardening. A weekly publication at £2 per issue it gives great advice on what jobs you should be doing that week, lots of illustrative photographs so you can see how you should be doing them and just enough text to be able to flick through and have it finished by the time you’re ready to hit the garden on a Saturday morning.

It covers flowers and vegetables with a bit of hard landscaping and some longer articles to keep for a rainy afternoon.

I had been buying this for a couple of weeks when I noticed that if you subscribed you got a free garden tidy caddy worth £16.95. What’s more the caddy was pink! I picked up the phone at once.

I gave the offer code and was all ready to provide my card details when I was advised there was another offer available. At first I was not interested if I did not get my pink caddy but when I was told I could have 51 issues for £45.90 – less than £1 per issue – even my numerically challenged brain worked out that was too good a deal to pass up. A little while later (and with the help of a calculator) I worked out I could buy 3 pink caddies with the money I would save and still have change.

It gets even better though. Not only am I paying less than £1 each week to be expertly guided through the minefield that is flower and vegetable growing, between the months of March and September there are free seeds each week worth at least £1.99. This week saw a double pack of flower and tomato seeds worth £3.88!

So if you add it all up, Amateur Gardening magazine is actually paying me.

Now where did I see an offer for 6 issues of Gardener’s World magazine for £6?…..I’m off to investigate………