Life is like compost!

For those of you reading this hoping for further enlightenment on all things gardening, sorry, but not today I’m afraid.

I feel as if the gardening pause button has been pressed and now we’ve lost the remote control. It has been so wet it is impossible to do anything outside, although Mr Mac did manage to start another path during a dry half hour on Wednesday evening. As if the rain is not bad enough, the temperature is so far below what it should be at this time of year, nothing in the greenhouse is growing.

My tomato seedlings are still inside the house and I actually contemplated sitting them in front of the fire for a wee while to see if the heat might make them grow!

Anyway, although I am short of pearls of gardening wisdom, I did hear the most fantastic garden analogy on the radio this week and I thought I must share it with you.

It went something like this……

Most of us consider compost as a soggy, smelly, festering heap. But it is incredible how the chemical cycle of composting works. What we see as useless waste or stinky rubbish can change into something that can actually transform the soil when used properly, letting something good, useful and beautiful or delicious grow.

When things in life go wrong or things don’t work out the way you hoped it is easy to get down about it and see everything as a useless waste. If this is where our thinking gets stuck then we end up feeling rubbish.

However, if we learn from the tough times and use those lessons to make things better or different then something good and useful and possibly beautiful is sure to grow.

I think the point of the story is that if life is bad, things will get better. Either that or if you are having a bad time of it, add some grass clippings, tea bags and cardboard, sprinkle with a little water and you’ll win the lottery!

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