Sometimes it pays to be lazy

Today was a rare thing in these parts….a sunny day! Well it was until 4pm when it started to thunder and pour with rain.  However, it was a well needed weekend opportunity to have a good tidy in the garden. Plus I still have flowers in the greenhouse which should have been planted out months ago. (They are still there after rain stopped play!).
Every year I always have big plans for the border underneath the kitchen window. This year was no different. It was going to be a swathe of chrysanthemums, asters, clarkia, cornflowers and any other cut flower I could get my hands on.

With everything else to do I just never got round to it. I did plant some chrysanthemum seeds but I think Dennis dug them up before they had a chance to germinate.  I just left it and pulled out the odd weed every time I walked past.

Last year I planted calendula in this border and look what happened!

They self-seeded and have virtually taken up the whole border.

They same thing has also happened at the gate.

I have not had even a fraction of this success with the flowers I have grown from seed this year.

I also felt bad about neglecting my herbs. Watering was erratic and most of them went to seed. However, in the case of coriander this is a good thing. I now have loads of coriander seeds for cooking with. Result!

So maybe the secret to success in the garden is just do nothing at all!


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